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General Information/FAQ-s

                                                 (The information was last updated 9/1/2020.)


Option #1:  Reserve a spot with $600.00 non-refundable team deposit:

You can reserve your team's spot on a first-come, first-served basis by sending in your completed team camp registration form along with a $600.00 team deposit for each team attending. The team deposit is a non-refundable deposit ($75.00/player for a team of 8), and it is due upon receiving the invoice. The deposit holds the team's spot for the camp and it counts toward the full camp fee. If you have more or less than 8 campers, the team deposit remains the same, $600.00. Any remaining camp fees and balances are due no later than 14 days prior to the first day of the camp. It is strongly advised to mail the check payment for the remaining balances in before the bookkeeper's office closes for the summer as all camp balances need to be paid and cleared before the first day of the camp. Please note: The team's spot will be held permanently once we have received the deposit.  (For medical and other cancellations, please see our refund policy below.)

*PLEASE NOTE: The team's spot will be held permanently once we have received the deposit. 

Option #2:  Reserve a spot with full payment:

Players are welcome to complete their registrations with full payment option. Please email us if you would like to choose this option, and we will email you the team camp registration form along with the individual registration forms and an invoice for the full balance. There is no need to send in any team deposit with Option # 2, but the full balance is due within 30 days of the acceptance of the invoice. More players can be added later up to two weeks prior to camp. (For medical and other cancellations please see our refund policy below.)

*PLEASE NOTE: The team's spot will be held permanently once we have received the $600.00 team deposit or the full payment.*

We prefer the team deposit or the full payment be paid by one check, made payable to Coastal Carolina Volleyball Academy. If the deposit or full payment payment does not go through the school's office, please make sure that all of the checks collected from campers are matched with their completed and signed individual registration forms and are mailed in at once in a large envelope. 

You may print out the team camp registration form HERE .



After receiving and processing your team camp registration form and the team deposit(s), a confirmation email will be sent along with the required individual registration form and an invoice for the remaining balance. The completed forms and the remaining balance are due no later than 14 days prior to the first day of the camp, no exception. All remaining balances MUST be paid and cleared prior to the first day of the camp. 

*No players without the completed and signed waiver form can attend any of the CCVA camps in compliance of NCAA rules and regulations. Please double check on the parents' signatures before mailing in the forms.*

Mailing Address: Coastal Carolina Volleyball Camps, P.O. Box 261954, Conway, SC 29528

We prefer all remaining team balances be paid by one check made payable to Coastal Carolina Volleyball Academy.

*PLEASE NOTE: we DO NOT accept individually mailed personal checks from team campers unless the player has signed up for the camp after the remaining balances were paid.


Campers, coaches, and chaperones are welcome to register and pay their full camp fee on our secure server online. During the online registration process, health and insurance information will be completed, and a waiver form will be read and signed electronically by parents/legal guardians. An email confirmation will automatically be generated and sent to the email address that was used during the online registration process. If you have not received a confirmation email, your registration could not be completed. We will notify the Head Coach only when her/his players' registrations are complete.

*PLEASE NOTE: There is a non-refundable processing fee associated with all  online credit card transactions.

The online registration cut-off date is 14 days prior to the first day of the camp. 


Overnight and commuter campers will attend check-in at the new Student Recreation and Convocation Center (also known as HTC Center) on the first day of the camp.

Check-in and camp address: 104 Founders Drive Conway, SC 29526 

After receiving the meal cards and signing-out the secure room keys individually - which both will be placed on a lanyard for easy keeping-, campers will place their belongings into their dorm rooms. 

Each overnight camper is responsible for the special, non-duplicable keys assigned for them for the dorm rooms. All keys MUST be signed-in individually and returned at check-out.



Our 2020 overnight team campers will be housed in the new air-conditioned Singleton-Young Hall on campus. This residence hall is located within a few minutes walk behind the HTC Center. The Singleton-Young Hall is part of Coastal Carolina University's newest housing option. Each unit has five double-occupancy large bedrooms, and limited number of units have four double-occupancy large bedrooms. Also, each unit has a shared bath with multiple sinks, toilets, and showers. The beds are extra-long, twin-size beds. 

The Singleton-Young Hall floor plans:

Chanticleer, Singleton-Young, Teal and Tradition halls                 Chanticleer, Singleton-Young and Teal - 4 bedroom

Overnight campers need to bring a twin-size bed sheet, a pillow, and a light blanket to camp. Overnight team campers should also bring plenty of T-shirts, shorts or spandex, knee pads, socks for the sessions, playing shoes, personal toiletries (towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, etc...) alarm clock, cell phones, and may bring spending money (optional) for vending machines. Campers are allowed to bring snacks, drinks from home for after session period. Team coaches will stay in separate units on the same floor with same gender coaches. residence hall staff is in-house 24/7 during camps.  

Meals: Team campers will have their meals at Hicks Dining Hall which offers buffet-style dining. If your camper has a dietary requirement or restriction (gluten free, lactose free, diabetic, etc), Hicks Dining Hall offers a variety of allergy free food options to choose between. Campers' special dietary needs will be asked during the online registration process or on the individual registration form.


Commuter campers will not stay overnight in the dorms. *PLEASE NOTE: The commuter camper fee includes only lunch and dinner, the breakfast is not included in the commuter rate.


Coastal Carolina Volleyball Academy Camp requires each camper to complete the Health Information questions during the registration process. 

It is strongly recommended  to have a current physical to make sure that your camper is in good physical condition and no injuries exist prior to camp. The camper do not need to bring the physical with her to camp.


All campers are required to provide the insurance information as requested during the registration process. Assumption of Risk/Release from Liability and Consent for Treatment of a Minor information MUST be read and signed by parents/legal guardians on the registration form. A required digital signature is provided during online registration as well. This information is collected should an emergency situation arise or for necessary treatment for your camper in case of an injury/sickness. Parent/Guardian will be notified immediately should an emergency situation arise. 


Our staff is not allowed to administer any medications, prescription or non-prescription to campers. This includes over-the-counter medicines like Advil or Tylenol for minor headaches or pains. If the camper will need to take medications while attending our program, she must bring the medication to camp and assume responsibility for taking it as needed or indicated.


An interactive University map with building and street names is located at

Coastal Carolina Volleyball Academy team camps are conducted at the new Student Recreation and Convocation Center, 104 Founders Drive, Conway, SC 29526. 

Parents are ALLOWED to park around the HTC Center without obtaining a parking pass during camps.


Parents are welcome to observe and watch their camper(s) at any time. Space for observing is limited (especially during our team camps); and therefore, we apologize for any inconvenience in advance.

Parents are ALLOWED to park around HTC Center without obtaining a  parking pass during camps.


*No refunds will be issued for cancellations  without a refund request submitted in writing via email, fax or mail prior to the first day of the camp.*

Cancellations due to injury will be refunded in full minus the online processing fee (if applicable) up to 14 days prior to the camp start date. Cancellations due to injury less than 14 days prior to the camp start date will be refunded in full but the $75.00 non-refundable deposit and the online processing fee (if applicable). These refund requests will only be considered if accompanied by a signed physician's note indicating that your camper is unable to participate for medical reasons.Cancellations for any other reasons will be refunded in full but the $75.00 non-refundable deposit and the online convenience fee. Once camp begins, refunds will NOT be given.                                                                 

To cancel via email, send your notification to; note in the subject line “Camp Cancellation” and make sure to include camper's name, camp's name, and camp dates. Cancellation notifications may also be mailed to: Coastal Carolina Volleyball Academy PO Box 261954, Conway, SC 29528.


Returned checks will be subject to a $35.00 returned check fee.               


Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns and we will be happy to assist you.